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WakefieldCouncil Children and Young People Service Online Procedures

Wakefield District Domestic Abuse Service (WDDAS) Process Regarding Attendance at Initial Child Protection Conferences

  1. Invitation received at Wakefield District Domestic Abuse Service (WDDAS) regarding attendance at an Initial Child Protection Conference;
  2. Admin Officer to research WDDAS Client database and note whether current/previous WDDAS client, which member/s of team involved;
  3. If not a current case to WDDAS, Duty Officer to contact the named Social Worker (featuring on letter of invite), to assess the need for a member of WDDAS to attend, taking into account whether domestic abuse is a key feature of concern, and establish how recent;
  4. Where it is identified there is no requirement for a member of WDDAS team to attend, Duty Officer to submit letter of invite to Team Manager;
  5. If the case is open to WDDAS, then the allocated worker will attend the conference and prepare a written report in the format requested;
  6. Outcome of these processes will be noted on the client list for closed cases and on the clients records on Sharepoint for open cases.