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Telephone Requests for Disclosure of Information About Service Users


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that Wakefield MBC are complying with Data Protection requirements and more specifically are not divulging information to persons who could potentially cause harm to service users. An example of this would be where there has been domestic violence or abuse and where divulging the whereabouts of the victim of violence to the perpetrator would create a risk of further harm taking place.

The following process must be followed in all cases:

  1. Wherever possible, callers should be asked to submit their enquiries in writing;
  2. All external telephone enquiries (and internal, if there is any doubt about the identity of the caller) must be verified. No information will be divulged during the initial telephone call.

    Verification will involve asking the following questions:
    • The identity of the caller (name, name of organisation, position in organisation);
    • What information is required and why the information is needed.
  3. If information required is not urgent-explain that it is not Children and Young People Service policy to divulge any information over the telephone and ask the caller to put their request in writing;
  4. If the caller says the enquiry is urgent, obtain the information that will allow verification to take place. For example, how it may be possible to verify that the caller is from the organisation they are claiming to be from. Undertake the verification before divulging the information required. If in doubt, speak with an appropriate manager before divulging the information.